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A success!

The Back To The Wild fundraiser was held on June 11, 2000.

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It was a long walk through the front yard and all the cars parked there. Volunteers (that the WebMaster forgot to get in a picture) were directing traffic on the center's front lawn.

A corner of the yard sale on the center's front lawn. This yard sale was popular with passing motorists that day.

If you attended, these volunteers probably greeted you at the gate.

Two hard-working volunteers.

A bad picture (taken by the WebMaster) of some delicious ice cream and sherbet hand-dipped by volunteers.

Food was available from vendors who donated some or all of their proceeds to the center.

A small portion of the silent auction tables.

Some of the action at the live auction.

Volunteers selling raffle tickets, Back To The Wild apparel, and more raffle tickets.

The clown (another volunteer) was arresting people all morning and taking them to the raffle ticket desk. Here is the clown in a serious moment with a little friend.

The action was hot at the silent auction tables, especially when it got near bid closing time.

Two happy attendees: one a retired science teacher, the other, a past student of hers.

BACK TO THE WILD! is a volunteer wildlife rehabilitation and nature education center. Our primary mission is to rehabilitate and ultimately release into their natural habitat, injured, orphaned and displaced wildlife.

BACK TO THE WILD! is also dedicated to promoting appreciation and respect for our native wildlife by educating children and adults of their role in being responsible caretakers of our Earth. The most critical problem facing wildlife today is loss of habitat. Through education, we can better understand human impact on our natural world and make informed decisions that will preserve and protect habitats everywhere.

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