Education & Clinic Building

Donors and Volunteers Recognition

Several years of fund-raisers have helped us to realize this dream! This wouldn't have been possible without the generosity and support of these fine individuals and businesses. Once again, BACK TO THE WILD is able to continue to exist and improve its efforts in wildlife rehabilitation and education because of the generosity and support of many caring individuals!

Special thanks go to the following individuals and businesses for their part in the completion of the Back To The Wild Education Center.

Scott Lauber, A & L Metal Processing
building labor costs
J. C. Ready Mix, Paul & Rich Brown
concrete floor
Rick Stanley Construction and Greg Hinds
Cantelli Block
discount on concrete blocks
Dave Wilkens
donated & installed furnaces
Gordon Lumber - Oak Harbor, Roger Radsick
discount lumber
Suhr Kitchens, Dick Suhr
cupboards and countertops
Rebecca Waldock
storage cabinets & refrigerator for clinic
Dave & Anita Stearns
file cabinets & supplies
Rick Wolfe & Harold Wolfe
office equipment, desks & chairs, supplies
Fred & Barb Cammann
Matt Orshoski
installed plumbing
Famous Supply, Bruce Holmer
17 gallon hot water tank
Al Mielke
built bleachers for students and built 3 indoor cages
U. S. Gypsum Company
drywall compound and tape
Stacy Builders, Mark Stacy
eave troughs
Sandusky Glass, Colleen Zuck & Brad Beach
glass for exhibits
Sandusky Paint, Rob Wilke
donated paint for ceilings & clinic
Sandusky Home Interior, Ed & Julie Opfer
Norma Elmlinger
Cold Creek Girl Scouts, Leaders Bill & Mary Gibbs and Frank & Sondra Van Cauwenburgh
$1,000 from aluminum can recycling to fund materials used in exhibits & seating

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