BACK TO THE WILD® each year presents educational programs to over 70,000 students, members of youth groups, adult organizations, and individuals. BACK TO THE WILD® is a wildlife rehabilitation center so our programs focus on informing the public about conservation of wildlife habitats.

The BACK TO THE WILD® staff and volunteers participate in many public events during the year. For example, in October 2003, a large tent at the Erie County Metroparks Harvest Happening was filled with program animals, BACK TO THE WILD® staff and volunteers, and guests.

An attentive class enjoys an outdoor educational tour at BACK TO THE WILD®.

An attentive class enjoys an indoor educational visit at BACK TO THE WILD®.


Construction of our Education Center and Nature Museum was completed in 1999. This shelter now allows students to attend programs at the center even when weather does not permit outdoor field trips. This shelter serves as an indoor classroom where students will have opportunities in "hands-on" experiences in science and nature.



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BACK TO THE WILD® wildlife rehabilitation center in Castalia, Ohio.

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