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South wall (exterior) of the Raptor Flight Cage

The purpose of the Flight Cage is to condition recovering raptors for release back into the wild. After several weeks of this therapy, healing wings and flight muscle become strengthened. This cage is "L" shaped to allow birds to make left and right turns while in flight, exercising both wings equally.

This enormous cage was almost entirely constructed by Mr. Mike Siekel of Fremont, Ohio, who generously volunteered long hours of labor throughout the summer and fall, under sometimes adverse conditions. His main assistant was his son, Josh, a fifteen year old, who knows the true meaning of volunteering. While many boys his age are wondering what to do to keep entertained, Josh chose to learn, to be responsible, to give something to others. Much kudos to Josh Siekel!

Schrader Bros. Construction company lent a much-needed helping hand to reinforce the 17' high roof. This crew showed up on Labor Day to work all day until the roof was in place.



  • Gene & Sandy Wright of Huron, Ohio in memory of Gene's mother, E. Juanita Wright.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Bettcher of Bettcher Industries in Birmingham, Ohio.
  • Ford Motor Company, Sandusky Plastics Plant.
  • Jerry and Sally Morrison
  • Mr. Ken Watt, Huron, donated the use of scaffolding for the extent of the construction period.
  • 84 Lumber Company in Sandusky, Ohio for providing wood at the lowest possible cost.

Several birds flying at one end of the Raptor Flight Cage

Another view of the Raptor Flight Cage exterior

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