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There are many animals here whose injuries will not allow them to return to the wild. Since these injuries are most often directly related to human carelessness and disregard, we make a great effort, through educational programming, to stress conservation, habitat protection, wildlife laws and our personal responsibility as caretakers of the earth. That is why rehabilitators believe in using disabled wild animals - victims of man's carelessness - to help make people aware. These animals provide a wonderful opportunity for us to learn more about our natural world and how important their presence is in the whole scheme of things.

These animals are valuable educational tools, serving as ambassadors of their own species, to benefit other wildlife and instill in children especially, a sense of appreciation and respect for all living things. Although I feel privileged and honored to be able to work so closely with a wild animal, I know that to them, it is an intrusion. When I look at these beautiful creatures each day here at the center, in their cages, I know that this is the down-side of rehabilitation. I know they will never know freedom again.

Described and pictured here are some of our permanent residents. They are not named, as we feel it would contribute to them being thought of as "pets". They do not really belong to anyone and never will - they belong to the wild!

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Courtesy of Digital Projected Imagery.

As Kit & George Harrison put it, in their wonderful book America's Favorite Backyard Wildlife, "At no time in the history of this country have so many people lived in such close proximity to ordinarily wary, secretive wild animals. In most urban, suburban and rural housing developments, wildlife has literally taken up residence at our doorsteps." Their book is extremely entertaining and informative; leading us to discover that wildlife is closer than you think . . . often in your own backyard! They have captured the perfect descriptions and personality of each of these interesting and unique animals - in some instances, I have used information from their book in an effort to give a well-rounded description of the animal I am writing about. This book is an excellent source of biological accuracy of North American wildlife, as well as great enjoyable reading!

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