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We would like you to meet some of our visitors at "BACK TO THE WILD!"

Many of the "wildlings" are not truly orphaned and it is best to leave them alone. To determine if they are orpaned, check our rescue assistance information for guidance.


Two Great Blue Herons are visiting our waterfowl enclosure. Unfortunately, the center heron in this picture is permanently disabled and is one of our educational exhibit birds at the center.


Wood Duck and Mallard ducklings are common arrivals in the spring at Back To The Wild.


How can you turn down cute faces like these, when they need help? But, remember - do not attempt to raise any baby wild animals on your own. Young wildlife require special diets and care beyond what the average household is prepared to manage. Wildlife Rehabilitators are fully licensed by State and Federal agencies and are able to provide proper diets, housing and medical attention and are adequately trained to care for and prepare wild animals for survival and return to the wild. Always do what is in the best interest of the animal. You are playing a very important role in rescuing a wild creature and seeing that it is placed in the care of licensed, trained rehabilitators. Please consult our advice on determining whether an animal is an orphan or not.


Click here for a short Bald Eagle movie.

Even the stronger birds get injured and need our help.
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Click here for a short movie of an owl.

This little orphaned owl has been gathering strength so that he may be released back to the wild.
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BACK TO THE WILD wildlife rehabilitation center in Castalia, Ohio.

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