The following information will help to prepare your group for their educational field trip to BACK TO THE WILD Wildlife Rehabilitation & Nature Education Center. Due to Federal and State Permit regulations, there are certain restrictions governing the use of educational animals during programs. If the children are aware of the kind of facility they are visiting, there will be a better understanding of BACK TO THE WILD's mission.


  1. Children should be made aware that BACK TO THE WILD is NOT a "petting zoo" but a place to help injured and orphaned "wild" animals to recover so they may be returned "to the wild". Therefore, no wild animal may be petted or touched by the audience. This protects you and the animal.

  2. Upon arrival, children may NOT visit the cages without a guide to lead them. Many of the animals will become stressed by running, loud voices, or general excitement from the group outside their cages.

  3. BACK TO THE WILD's mission is to create awareness, appreciation, and respect for our natural world and to teach the public of their role and responsibility in being good "caretakers" of our earth. It does not promote, but rather discourages people from keeping wildlife as "pets".

  4. No feathers found laying on the ground at the center may be kept by visitors. This is a Federal Law-feathers, nests, and eggs are protected by law and you must be licensed to have these in your possession.

  5. Some groups will spend their lunch hour at the center and may picnic in the woods or yard. During this time, students may NOT visit the cages. Please ask students to pick up their trash and plan to take the trash back with you as we have groups here daily and cannot accommodate large amounts of trash.

  6. There is a portable restroom at BACK TO THE WILD as well as first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and phones.

  7. Please dress according to weather; early spring and fall can be very cold and muddy. Field trips will be canceled if there are heavy rainstorms, lightning, high winds, or very cold temperatures (below 50 F). Call (419) 684-9539 to confirm cancellations. Be sure to arrive at your scheduled time as other groups may be scheduled to arrive immediately following your program.

Children are always very excited to visit BACK TO THE WILD. These rules are not meant to take any fun out of the trip, but rather to prevent accidents and to make their experience a pleasant one! We are looking forward to seeing you!

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BACK TO THE WILD wildlife rehabilitation center in Castalia, Ohio.

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