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Word Search

letter grid

Search for hidden words in a jungle of letters. Some of the words are going up, some are going down, some are backwards, some are on a slant, and some words are even going the right way. Some of the games give you a new set of words to find each time you play.

  1. The first game is a grid of letters 12 columns by 14 rows. This game contains 33 words including one which is bent. You can find the words on the computer screen or print it to work off-line.
  2. The second game is a grid of letters 10 columns by 10 rows. This game contains 21 words including one that goes around in a rectangle. You can find the words on the computer screen or print it to work off-line.
  3. The third game is a dynamic game in which the words are selected and the grid is made fresh each time you start the game. If you get frustrated, you can even click for a fresh list of words and new grid. You can choose your desired difficulty level in the list below.


How kids have helped at
B A C K   T O   T H E   W I L D ®


green block M The Margaretta School District, in Castalia, Ohio has been supporting BACK TO THE WILD® for over ten years in several significant ways.

girl scout symbol The COLD CREEK GIRL SCOUTS, Troop 60, in Castalia, Ohio have been recycling aluminum cans for BACK TO THE WILD® for the past three years. These special Scouts have worked hard and have raised over $3,500 to help us help wildlife!

boy scout symbol A total of EIGHTEEN EAGLE SCOUT PROJECTS have been completed at BACK TO THE WILD® by area Boy Scouts, to earn their EAGLE SCOUT RANK! Back To THe Wild is proud and honored to have 18 Boy Scouts complete their Eagle Scout Projects here at our facility.

  • Gavin Baker, Troop 409 ~ Owl Flight Cage in Woods
  • Rusty Bressler, Troop 44 ~ Bald Eagle Exhibit in Amphitheater
  • Ed Werner, Troop 44 ~ Portable Songbird Flight Cage on wheels
  • Matt Stevens-Rich, Troop 8 ~ Woodland Box Turtle Compound
  • Brady Krupp, Troop 360 ~ Natural Cavity Exhibit for Education
  • Mark Ziegler, Troop 8 ~ Raptor Flight Cage
  • Eddie Logan, Troop 302 ~ Woodpecker Aviary
  • Justin Moses, Troop 307 ~ Bald Eagle Winter Quarters
  • Paul Bower ~ Exhibit for Mammals
  • Judd Lapp, Troop 31 ~ Flying Squirrel Cage
  • Roger Williams, Troop 302 ~ Brick Walkway in Butterfly Garden
  • Kyle Reid, Troop 8 ~ Tortoise and Box Turtle Enclosure
  • Mike Pelton, Troop 447 ~ Extension to Box Turtle Garden
  • Bob Williamson, Troop 91 ~ Small Flight Cage
  • Shawn Kaman, Troop 8 ~ Songbird Flight Cage
  • Brent Gable, Troop 320 ~ Squirrel Enclosure
  • Dave Leitner, Troop 195 ~ Waterfowl Exhibit
  • Jeff Wilcox, Troop 214 ~ Box Turtle and Tortoise Enclosure

Giant Penny Local school children have held candy and T-shirt sales, raffles and penny drives to raise funds for BACK TO THE WILD®.

BACK TO THE WILD® is especially grateful to the teachers and principals of these students for involving them in our Wildlife Rehabilitation efforts ! ! !


Kid - what I can do

What can kids do to help?

Adopt an animal at a wildlife center.

Start recycling programs and penny drives of your own.

Volunteer at your local animal shelter or wildlife rehab center.

Remember that wild animals belong in the WILD.
Never try to make a wild animal into a pet.




Click on these sites to learn more about wildlife, endangered species and what you can do to help.

  United States Geological Survey
Education Page
National Wildlife Federation
Wildlife Conservation Society
United States Geological Survey Education Page
National Wildlife Foundation
Wildlife Conservation Society

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