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Thanks so much for your interest in volunteering at our wildlife rehabilitation center. If you haven't visited and toured BACK TO THE WILD, it would be best to schedule a time to visit the center to meet us and to see the work being done here. Tours take about 45 minutes to an hour ~ the content is very educational and will hopefully help the public become more aware of problems facing wildlife today and what we can do to help wildlife survive, without interfering in their natural world. There is much to see and learn about while here.

Each year, over 70,000 children and adults attend our educational programs where they are encouraged to respect, appreciate, preserve and protect the natural world. My work is a "labor of love" for sure, and I have a passion to help children especially, discover, explore and learn more about the natural world, and help them re-connect with nature.

Unfortunately, we depend 100% on donations to keep our doors open. We receive no funding from the agencies who license us nor do we receive any tax monies to do this work. Therefore, we are unable to offer any paid positions to interested people. We do utilize many college interns and volunteers in the community, ranging from retired principals and teachers, doctors, every day citizens like moms and dads, grandparents, high school students and youth working on badges and community service projects.

The work is not glamorous, but involves lots of cage cleaning, grounds maintenance, etc. It is critical that all volunteers understand our mission and are on the same page as wildlife rehabilitators. Many volunteers are disillusioned when they learn that our permits do not allow us to interact with the wild animals in our care. The wildlife are not allowed to be handled, petted, or talked to, as our goal is to return them to the wild, where they belong. We make every effort not to imprint them on humans.

We do have many permanently disabled wild animals, who cannot be released and who are used as educational tools to benefit other wildlife. These can be viewed up close and personal and include many different species of hawks and owls, Bald Eagles, fox, bobcats, opossums, flying squirrels, weasels, woodchucks, Great Blue Herons and Egrets, bitterns, ducks, swans, woodpeckers, songbirds, butterflies, turtles, snakes, salamanders and more.

During the spring and summer months, our incubators are overflowing with orphaned wildlife! Each year, we rescue over 2,500 injured wild animals!

If you think you might still be interested, please call (419-684-9539) or e-mail to schedule a visit. There are a few weekends and weekdays when we are away giving presentations and many of our program animals are with us, but most of the time you will find us right here at the center, unable to escape the constant parade of injured wild animals coming down the drive!

A call ahead would be much appreciated, though, so I can be sure it is a day I am available.

Thanks so much for your interest in our wildlife rehabilitation efforts.

Mona Rutger

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